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Motto: For the love of being humxn.
The Humxn Xperience of unconditional love. Building a legacy of unconditional love w/marginalized humxns. Self 1st. We always.

The Trannabis Chi Parent Branch

Trannabis - Noun - Is a lifestyle led by a trans cannabis patient or consumer who exhibits empathy, compassion, and passion throughout all aspects of their life, in order to benefit the LGBTQAI2S+ and cannabis communities. #Trannabis

Trannabis Chi as a company is plant-infused spiritual wellness for ALL bodies and ALL abilities. Offerings include Trannabis Chi, Guided Meditations and Affirmations, Oracle Readings, and Repurposed Gifts.

“YOU ARE THE SOUND. Humxn Sounds harmonizes with the world through the authentic sounds of each artist. With deep appreciation for sound therapy and electronic beats; Humxn Sounds welcomes you to the highest tempo of love.”

Humxn Haus is bringing THE SOUND home in a virtual monthly dance party. Join us during this FREE widely streamed event and together we will groove to the highest tempo of love.”

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Host: Jamie London Wollberg