What Is Trannabis?

What Is Trannabis?

Trannabis, LLC is a lifestyle activism brand bridging the gap between the LGBTQAI2S+ and cannabis communities through entertaining education, as well as end the stigma of cannabis through his cooking show The Trannabis Kitchen.

Trannabis - Noun - Is a lifestyle led by a trans cannabis patient or consumer who exhibits empathy, compassion, and passion throughout all aspects of their life, in order to benefit the LGBTQAI+ and cannabis communities. #Trannabis



I am a legal medical cannabis patient in the state of California. If you receive services from me, know I am healing with plant medicine. Anything I say, do, or provide in service or otherwise is not to be considered professional medical advice. Please consult a professional medical provider or veterinarian should there be a medical issue or concern. I am not a medical professional. You are fully responsible for adhering to your local cannabis laws. You must be 21+ years-old in order to participate. You are fully responsible for obtaining your cannabis for sessions.