What Is Trannabis Chi?


Trannabis Chi as a company is plant-infused spiritual wellness for ALL bodies and ALL abilities. Offerings include Trannabis Chi, Guided Meditations and Affirmations, Oracle Readings, and Repurposed Gifts.

Trannabis Chi as a practice, welcomes ALL bodies and ALL abilities to heal as a community by combining the practices of T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, and cannabis. 
No two Trannabis Chi sessions are exactly the same. The forms are traditional and though there are many we use throughout the same classes, the experiences change each time. There’s always new intentions, affirmations, and people. This is a growing community of people who want to heal not only alone, but together and within the universe, one filled with cannabis. A community for ALL bodies and ALL abilities.

What are the benefits?

What is T'ai Chi and Qi Gong?
T'ai Chi and Qi Gong are ancient martial arts originating in China over 8,000 years ago and can be practiced either separately or together. These practices are incredibly accessible for ALL bodies and ALL abilities because they are non-violent, low-impact, and versatile.
Cannabis is Used
Within Every Class, Session, and Event
Meet Team Trannabis Chi!!!
Jamie London Wollberg (He/Him/His)
Jamie is a healer and Spiritual Wellness Coach, as well as a queer and disabled trans man on a mission to heal both himself and others within marginalized communities, especially in the LGBTQAI2S+ and differently-able communities. Through his creation of Trannabis, Jamie lives the Trannabis lifestyle, which opened up a world of possibilities. His motivation comes from his own experiences of being sick for over six years and transitioning for over four years, as well as hearing the stories of others.
While bedridden for the third time in 2019, over a period of nine months, Jamie was finally diagnosed with a multi-genetic disease called Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness. It was then, at UCLA, Jamie was told it was crucial he reduce and manage his stress, and get himself physically moving.
Jamie was referred to physical therapy at Ho Physical Therapy where he was taught T'ai Chi. Jamie immediately fell in-love with the non-violent martial art and with positive guidance, began the journey to become a certified instructor of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong through SCW Fitness.
Within a few days, Jamie saw a drastic change in his health and wellness and it became very clear the success could be attributed to the addition of responsible legal medical cannabis consumption within his practice. Jamie would consume cannabis in micro-doses and proceed to practice Qi Gong and then T'ai Chi, followed by finishing with more micro-dosing of cannabis. 
After spending some time searching, Jamie was unable to find anyone who was talking about the combination of these three practices, let alone teaching them together. Trannabis Chi was born and now Jamie strives to spread the chi to all who would like this form of unique support in their healing journey, all around the world. 
Jamie's Transition
Female To Male 
Spreading the Chi Around
Trannabis Chi donates $1 from each purchase at the Trannabis and Trannabis Chi Shops to the Trans Wellness Center in Los Angeles. The funds are specifically used for emergency services, as well as art initiatives. 
Trannabis Chi now donates $5 or more from each booking and subscription of any private session or class to ProjectQ
“The Trans Wellness Center is a collaboration of six community-based organizations providing services and resources under one roof for the Trans, Non-binary and Intersex community of Los Angeles. For community, by community.”
Both confidentiality AND consent will be practiced at all times, especially during Trannabis Chi classes, private sessions, and events.
This means the following:

1. You will not out anyone
2. You will be respectful, especially of pronouns and identities in general
3. You will both give and/or receive consent before touching another attendee 
4. You will have access to consent cards during our practice
5. You will not be violent in any way or you will be removed and no longer allowed to attend
6. You will not bully or be cruel in any way or you will be removed and no longer allowed to attend
7. You will be mindful of what you say, as well as your behavior
8. You will be aware of your surroundings and of who is around you
9. Unless given approval, you will not disclose someone is attending classes
10. You will use "I" and "I feel" statements. 
11. Racism, Sexism, Ableism, Ageism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Bi-phobia and any other intolerance of others identities is not acceptable and you will no longer be able to participate.