Who Is Trannabis?

Jamie in dress purple shirt wearing crystal jewelry and holding big Lemurian crystal in front of a small waterfall with light codes shining down, he is smiling at the camera

Jamie London Wollberg A.K.A. Trannabis (Chef Trannabis)(He/Him)

Jamie is a healer and spiritual wellness coach to his core, as well as an intuitive Chef. Jamie identifies as a queer, disabled, and neurodiverse trans man. Jamie's purpose is to help others cultivate unconditional self-love because when we love ourselves we can love all else. 

He is the Founder and CEO of Trannabis, LLC and the creator of Trannabis Lifestyle. The Trannabis Lifestyle is and entertaining education-based activism brand bridging the gap between the LGBTQAI2S+ and cannabis communities. Jamie is also the creator and Host, Chef Trannabis, of The Trannabis Kitchen. The Trannabis Kitchen is a cannabis intuitive cooking show ending the stigma of cannabis through food. Chef Trannabis is an intuitive chef creating from a spiritual wellness perspective, while interviewing a special guest about their cannabis story and beyond . Chef Trannabis takes the fear out of cooking. This show will change the way you think about cooking, cannabis, and cooking with cannabis. 

Trannabis Chi drives the part of the mission focused on Jamie's healing of both himself and others. He is deeply passionate in anchoring his mission within marginalized communities, especially in the LGBTQAI2S+ community, as well as persons with disabilities.

Through his creation of Trannabis, Jamie lives the Trannabis lifestyle, which opened up a world of possibilities in living his purpose. His motivation comes from his own experiences, which includes being physically disabled for over seven years and transitioning for over six years. In addition, Jamie draws inspiration from hearing the stories of others.